Velvet Little Black Dress

This Velvet Little Black Dress (LBD) is a definite reflection of my mood and I will tell you why. So this week has been an interesting eye opener for me. It started out with an awesome vibe, just waking up at my best friend Gen’s house after a relaxing and girly Sunday Fun-day (much needed, am I right?). I got up and drove back home at 5am (like I do) to make it to work on time.2016-10-06-17-55-36

2016-10-06-17-51-47Goals Velvet Little Black Dress

But I seemed to have a high sense of motivation this Monday around; I was ready (mentally, physically, emotionally) to take on this new week and come out on the end a changed woman. It’s kind of hard to explain but let’s just say there was something in the air.Velvet Little Black Dress, Style, Fashion2016-10-06-17-53-03-12016-10-06-17-53-03-2

I carried on with my normal week routine of going to work, school, the chiropractor (did I mention I was in a car accident recently?), and finally home. However, my mood was different… like I said I was feeling motivated. Motivated to succeed in what may seem like such small, daily tasks. You see, sometimes I get into these slumps (for a lack of a better word) and I feel un-inspired, de-motivated, and just less than excited to do certain things I set out to do.Velvet Little Black Dress, Style, Goals, Achievements

 NOT this week. This week, I took a look around at all of the blessings I have been given and I thought to myself “I can do and have whatever I desire in this life”. Nobody can stop me from achieving my goals and dreams except for me! With that said, I began to really look at what I wanted to achieve next.



That brought me to the idea of going back to Art School. A kind of school where the curriculum is focused and quite inspirational (in my experience). The one big goal I have yet to complete… due to personal reasons so we wont get into that (Financial oy vey) ha. But now is the time to get back to it; complete my Merchandising major and finish what I started. I thought to myself “I am ready to take on this new plan of mine” and get back on my intended track!


Dress: Buffalo Exchange, Top: Target, Boots: Vince Camuto, Sunnies: Retro Super Future

 I pulled this Velvet Little Black Dress number from my closet with a new outlook on my life. What I wear is really affected by my mood and this LBD helped me to express the sweet dazzling feeling I felt on the inside.

A velvet, spaghetti strapped, black mini dress with a side slit that I found at a vintage shop (of course!), brought a very feminine, sexy, confident, and fun 90’s feel to my day. I paired this Velvet Little Black Dress with some leather mid-high boots, and a white long sleeve basic top, to off-set the ensemble a little; as well as keep me warm in the morning (Falls rolling in, THANK GOD). And I pranced around work and school with a sense of confidence and excitement on my belt in this Little Black Dress and felt the wave of change I was ready to embrace earlier in the week.

Any new goals you guys are seeking to achieve? Let me know!

Till next time lovelies,


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