Dressing for a Day Trip in Solvang

About two weekends ago my family and I headed up to Solvang for the day. Saturday morning once again, I was woken up by my mother at around eight in the morning (oh LORD) but it was well worth it. I got up out of the bed, began my daily beauty routine (face wash, tooth care, moisturize, etc.) and put on my newest dress purchase. Solvang- Day wear-Chiffon-MaxiEmbroidered-Chiffon-Maxi Dress2016-07-23 16.02.55

I stopped by Marshalls the previous day (Friday or Fri-YAY), just to see what I could find. I had the Solvang trip in mind but I was open to what could catch my eye. I pulled a couple of dresses that spoke to me whispering “SUMMER” but then I saw THE dress (still kind of unsure) so I tried it on and I knew this dress would be perfect. Style-Dress-Embroidery-ChiffonDress-Style-Chiffon-Embroidery

An embroidered bodice with a high-low, ivory, chiffon train– this dress would suit the Dutch influenced city superbly. I loved the light and airy color scheme. What with the light pinks, blues, yellows, and greens which brought a sweet “Dutch” girl affect, accompanied by the ivory sheer train, this ensemble captured the Solvang city limits to a vibrant “T”.

2016-07-23 15.43.222016-07-23 15.52.31Solvang-Denmark Square-Travel

Solvang is such a cute little city. The city is filled with the Netherlanders culture, the food, the architecture, the clothing wear (for the employees), and even the little chotskies I came across in many of the stores. My family and I dined at Paula’s Pancake House and were served Dutch sausage, pancakes, and eggs. These items were prepared differently than I am use to (thinner pancakes w/ fruits, thicker sausage) but I was curious to give it a try and I am glad I did, it was great! (May not be for everyone but always try it first!)2016-07-23 15.42.10Solvang-Dutch-Dress

Anyway, buying this particular dress was very new for me, I usually don’t like the whole sheer, high-low affect whether it is in a skirt or a dress but in this one I was ready to make an acception. As I said earlier, when I tried this little number on; it just fit me so perfectly. It was that kind of connection a girl (or shopaholic) has with her next wearable and fun purchase. 2016-07-23 17.21.45-1

After the dress was finalized I was on the hunt for a small cross-body bag; one that was easy to travel around with and one that wasn’t too similar to what I already have. I searched around Marshalls for a good amount of time until I stumbled upon the cross-body bag section (yes they have one) and as I searched for a bag to scream out at me I finally landed on one.

2016-07-23 17.21.37-1

It was a cute light grey, suede cross-body; very small and almost ALL wallet. The bag was exactly what I was looking for and a color I didn’t own already, safe to say my little “shopping spree” was complete.2016-07-23 15.44.352016-07-23 15.46.43Lastly, I paired my metallic gold, gladiator sandals (you can also find)here, with the already “Dutch” favored ensemble for the finishing touches and I was ready for the day!

Dress- Solvang-Travel-Brick2016-07-23 17.23.352016-07-23 17.24.01

Dress: Marshalls, ShoesForever21, Bagchristian-lacroixMarshalls, SunglassesFendi

My fam and I walked all over the little town once we finished breakfast and were just in awe about everything we were seeing. Being in Solvang made us feel as if we were in a different country for a bit. I just loved all of the architecture everywhere and the kindness of people. This was the perfect day trip getaway we all needed.

Let me know how you guys like to dress for certain trip arenas, I’d love to gather new ideas and trade stories!

Till next time lovelies,


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