My Top Four Present Goals


Through all of the tossing and turning I’ve taken to get to this place in my Vida (Life) I am ready to take some action and make some improvements towards my future with a few of my present goals.

  1. Practice and learn to speak Spanish fluently: I have always felt such a connection to the Spanish speaking culture ever since I was a little girl dancing to “Selena”, hanging out with my best friend in a Spanish speaking household, and oh yea beginning the first three years of my education in a bilingual Spanish speaking school. It’s crazy I’m not fluent already but it is a skilled goal I will achieve soon enough. Have you tried “Duolingo”? Yea it’s very helpful! (Practice makes perfect!)
  2. Exercise, Exercise, Exercise: Now this has been a goal of mine for quite some time now and sadly I haven’t accomplished too much yet (laziness will get the best of you) BUT I plan to really put a workout routine into motion. I use to practice Yoga and I would love to start that up again, along with Spinning (trending, I know) and maybe some Pilates. I also plan to take part in some basic workouts like Walking, Running, Hiking, etc. I have to start walking down a healthier journey and that is just what I’ll do!
  3. Travel: Well my list is pretty much endless but to start I want to travel through all of Europe, South America, and Asia. If you’ve read up on My Little Story page you guys know I have this hunger to learn and experience different cultures, cities, and countries. I just LOVE meeting people from different backgrounds and learning what I can from them (my lil way of uniting the world), so traveling is WAY up there on my list of goals. One day I plan to live abroad for some time but for now traveling a few weeks here and there will suffice. Next on my list is Mexico City for my birthday– yay but to be more specific with the rest of my traveling ventures I would like to go to Madrid, Dublin, London, Paris, Rome, Santorini, Amsterdam, Berlin, St. Petersburg, Buenos Aires, Rio, Tokyo and Shanghai; better get started!
  4. Become more Financially Responsible: This has been an on-going journey of mine–ha! handling money properly has not always come easy for this gal! I remember when I first started working and making my own money (womanhood–woo) I would walk out of work on that beautiful payday Friday and go into the store or should I say store’s next door and blow it all. Now I can say “I was young, I didn’t know any better” (which was actually a factor) but it all comes to a point when enough is enough, I gotta get it together! So here I am, a few years later and I’m doing better but not where I WANT to be financially and that is a huge improvement I have set as my present goal. I had a lot of fun and I made many memories just “blowing it” (the money I made) but now I am looking towards the future. I plan to go on expensive around the world trips, renting an apartment, leasing a new car, taking  skill courses (for my career) and just saving to save. My future self will thank me that I am certain.

At this time in my life I feel as if the tidal wave has settled, sort of speak. I have grown dramatically in the past 4 years, Mentally, Emotionally and a bit more physically (those hips are coming in–woo). I have more of a focus on what I would like my life to look like presently and in the future.

Like I said in some of my previous post’s (here) I do feel a lot more confident within myself than I did a few years ago. I felt lost in my direction back in those days and instead of getting up as earnestly as I do now to focus that confusion and go after the things I wanted and the change I needed, I pretty much just reveled in it (old habits).

But now, after having gone through some life changes, learning from them and taking note on how I handled those changes I have become “My own best friend”. Not to sound narcissistic or anything but I am a true believer in loving the person you are, trusting yourself, and always supporting yourself because at the end of the day we come into this world alone and we will leave it that same way.. morbid? yea I don’t mean it in that way but hopefully the bright message can come across.

These are my top four present goals motivating me in my life at this time and it’s about time I begin achieving them. I’ll keep you guys updated of course and if you have any present goals you’re set on accomplishing let me know, I’d love to hear about them!

Till next time


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