A ruffled black romper & a smile

You know those times when you buy a garment piece online? Your mind fills up with all of the possible outcomes this one style piece will bring into your life. Thoughts can range from “this could be THE worst fit or fabric” to “omg, what if I never want to taking this off” in my case […]

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Style Expression

Happy Friday my loves! I apologize for my absent post on Wednesday :/ A few “real life” situations had gone on that took over my attention (blah, I know) BUT we have today’s post to look forward to! Anyway a few projects and collaborations have been discussed that I can’t wait to tell you guys about. […]

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A vintage cream coat to keep ya warm

Good Morning lovelies! I hope you all had a relaxing and maybe even life changing weekend. My weekend was nice. I wouldn’t say TOO life changing this time around but I definitely learned things I didn’t know about last week. Speaking of, “not knowing” or “not having” in my case; is this lovely vintage cream coat I’m […]

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Saturday-Funday Street style

Happy Monday lovelies! I hope you all had an awakening, amazing, memorable, and fantastic weekend. My weekend consisted of all those descriptive words. A new found sense of awareness and freedom overcame me this weekend and as a result I strutted around in this Saturday-funday street style ensemble and a smile. On Saturday morning I […]

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How to glam up your winter weekend attire!

Last weekend I planned to have my best girls over for a “Grown-up Slumber Party”. We had planned for this much-needed event a few weeks ago and the time had finally arrived. On that Saturday morning I woke up (Lazily) and went downstairs to make some coffee.  I sat by the fire as I caught up […]

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Velvet Little Black Dress

This Velvet Little Black Dress (LBD) is a definite reflection of my mood and I will tell you why. So this week has been an interesting eye opener for me. It started out with an awesome vibe, just waking up at my best friend Gen’s house after a relaxing and girly Sunday Fun-day (much needed, am I […]

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A Stonewashed Vintage find

You guys probably don’t know this about me yet but I am SUCH a huge fan of Vintage finds. Now I wasn’t always so into vintage/ thrift shopping, when I was younger and I wanted to mimic the whole “That’s Hot” Paris and Nicole trend I said “I would never wear used clothes”; I was […]

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