Summer Styling in San Francisco

I have said it before and I will say it again; SF weather is no joke. The winds are TOO real, especially after 4pm. Most days are more foggy than sunny and it is easy to forget its summer time. I have certainly been struggling to adjust my style to fit this San Francisco weather change. But I will prevail. Summer styling in San Francisco is just another challenge. A styling challenge I am going to have to become accustomed to.

I have found that layering is your best bet when living in this city by the bay. As I talked about in my previous post wearing enough layers to fight the winds will change your everyday mood in SF. I have also discovered that when a sunny day graces you, you HAVE to take full advantage of it!

A few days ago, us SF’ians were finally gifted with a sunny filled day. Gen and I headed out to the Castro to explore and see what shenanigans we could get into. I knew it was sunny and “warmish” outside so I did not hesitate to take out my favorite leather mini skirt.

Now I knew I couldn’t show TOO much skin (those 4pm winds, lawd), so I opted out for a fully layered top half look. I pulled out a basic white long sleeve, black sleeveless crop top, a grey cardigan, and a 10-year-old oversized beige sweater. Keeping my legs warm enough with dark navy thigh high socks and a pair of suede, ankle bootie heels. I topped off this ensemble with the nine-west pink cross-body bag I have been jaunting around everywhere (living out of a suitcase is rough!) and silver jewelry pieces.

Still waiting on the rest of my wardrobe to arrive from my home back in LA. So I am working with what I got these days. The struggle is kind of real BUT I am here, living in this great city, and taking that next big step. I try to tell myself, “just stop and look around!” This is life andd summer time is approaching. No better time to flush out those creative juices and create something memorable.

Keep watch on this journey of mine loves and thanks for reading 🙂

Till next time,

xo Shall

Photos by: Genesis

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