A Stonewashed Vintage find

You guys probably don’t know this about me yet but I am SUCH a huge fan of Vintage finds. Now I wasn’t always so into vintage/ thrift shopping, when I was younger and I wanted to mimic the whole “That’s Hot” Paris and Nicole trend I said “I would never wear used clothes”; I was crazy!

2016-07-18 17.51.50-1Vintage Stonewashed Jean jacket2016-07-18 17.51.38

Now that I am all grown up–ha, and making my own money reality has set in. I know I am not Paris & Nicole and I will never be because I am my own individual, walking through my own Journey. A Journey that has led me to appreciate and just really obsess over the amount of treasures I can find at Vintage shops. When I am ready to go on a good style hunt you can find me at either one of these Vintage spots, Buffalo Exchange, Crossroads, Salvation Army (don’t knock it!), and Wasteland.

2016-07-18 17.50.02-12016-07-18 17.48.08

I often look for fun, funky items that will add a little pizazz to my wardrobe. Also I LOVE to find items that were hot in the 90’s, 80’s, 60’s’ 50’s and 40’s era. I enjoy adding my modern day fix on these vintage “era-esque” items and the ensemble’s end up speaking for themselves. Furthermore, the amount of money you can save by “Happy Hunting” at Vintage shops like these is just unbelievable and I rarely ever feel guilty about a hefty purchase (Can I shop NOW please?).

2016-07-18 17.50.322016-07-18 17.56.40

 In these photos I am wearing a semi new vintage find from one of my treasurable hunts at the Salvation Army. I swiped through what seemed to be a never-ending maze, looking though the sweaters, tops, shorts, and dress sections until I came across this lovely bedazzle accented jacket. My mind filled up with so many style ideas of future outfits I could make with this little character, one being to wear it as a dress (hmm.. we’ll see).

2016-07-18 17.56.36

                 Top: jigsaw-London, Pants: Forever21, Jacket: Salvation Army, Shoes: Coach, 

Bag: Buffalo Exchange, Sunnies: Retro Super Future

Anyway with this particular outfit; I am wearing the long stonewashed jacket as an accessory; the faded color scheme went well together with the washed out jean and the light grey top. The added black pant gave the ensemble a little definition and the white shoe and bag just brought it all together.

I hope some of you who haven’t already discovered the excitement of finding Vintage finds will go and check some shops out. Let me know what find!

Those of you who are “Happy Hunting” through the mounds of Vintage finds help me out with some fun ideas I haven’t thought of yet!

Till next time lovelies,


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