How a purposeless job can give you your purpose

How does a purposeless job give you purpose? Well let me tell you my little story and you’ll understand how I got the answer. About two years ago now I found myself a little lost and confused when it came to what I was doing and what I wanted to do with my life. After countless jobs (fashion related mostly), some school, and a lot of life changing experiences I felt like something was missing but at the time I couldn’t put my finger on it. I worked as a stylist and I thought THIS must be where my calling is but after a while at doing that I realize there wasn’t any real growth there… the connection wasn’t completely there. My heart and soul felt that there was something else, but I did meet a great friend from that job so I’m deciding that’s why I landed there for that time.

Then I found another job.  Now this one was in the manufacturing & product development part of the industry… this was a sector I hadn’t tried yet. I thought to myself  “hey! I have some of the skills, some of the knowledge, and A LOT of gusto to do this… why not?!” SO I set out for this job and I got it! I knew this job had to be the one where my heart would sing and I’d dance around the office like Carrie in the Vogue closet. Low and behold, after a while there I realized this wasn’t the place for me either. The workload was eh… a little uninspiring and the environment just wasn’t right, for me anyway.  That position taught me a great lesson about myself. I wasn’t completely confident in my skill and knowledge and overall I was scared. I was scared at how far I could really go and I was scared to listen to my inner voice and truly go for the gusto. All of these jobs I thought would work just weren’t and so I fell a little.

After that job I was feeling low. I began to think, “maybe working in the fashion industry just isn’t for me”. Admittedly, I was giving up; I wasn’t seeing my worth and I was losing the energy to even try anymore. I then applied for a position that was way closer to home (no more DTLA commutes) and so far away from the industry. This place was a product development company for eco-friendly housing products. I knew absolutely nothing about housing products BUT I was open to learning and succeeding, all while figuring out what the fuck my next step was, that could really make this gal’s heart sing.

This company provided SUCH a comfortable environment, with nice people and a sense of freedom that allowed me to explore myself more. I could dress however I wanted to, meaning I could get creative and hold on to my style expression or just be chill (a rarity for me). With the freedom I was given I had time to think of different ideas of where I wanted to be, who I wanted to be, and what I wanted to do. So I began to write out lists… A LOT of lists. Some of these lists had on them, my qualities, my interests, my skills, my goals, and my dreams. Essentially I was building back up the confidence I had lost, I was finding myself, and I was gearing up for my next biggest step I knew I would be taking soon.

Fast-forwarding to now, I am most certainly NOT the same girl who applied for this position almost two years ago. The confidence I had lost has come back with a force and I feel more of myself than I have ever felt. I lost some friends and gained some more, I’ve fallen for someone and then fell out, I’ve learned to love all of my flaws and faults and make them into a beautiful part of me. I have learned how to handle “A lesson learned” kind of situation with a sense of calm and grace. Overall I have learned that everything happens for a reason and keeping my eye on the prize with a positive attitude will get me to where I need to be. No more sobbing and pitying myself, I’m getting up and learning from these setbacks (this might be called adulthood).

This brings me to this blog, this Journey of Mine. A idea and launch that has saved me in so many ways. You know that connection I wrote about earlier? well I’m feeling it now. On this little corner of the Internet I can express myself and all of my weirdness and deep thoughts. I can hopefully help others whom have or are going through similar situations as me. I can offer ideas or advise and see that come into fruition. I can express myself through my style and traveling experiences. Last but not least I can call this corner of the Internet home and push myself to keep building it from the ground up. This blog is me, every post being a metaphor for all the pieces I am picking up through my life. All of those jobs led me here. The last one in particular pushed me to grow and continue to do so, in which this brings me to the great news I’ve been dying to tell you guys!

OUTFIT DETAILS: Tjmaxx, Sienna Sky Jumpsuit  // Macys Denim Jacket  // Forever21 Lace-up Sandals  // Salvation Army Vintage Basket Bag

 I have officially decided to move to San Francisco. I have enrolled back into school and I am SO excited to get back into the industry that does make my heart sing. I look forward to the lessons and the experiences I will have and I know it will bring me even closer to the woman I am meant to be. My best friend is moving with me so that is definitely a plus and this blog will continue to grow as I do. I CANNOT WAIT. Everything that I have gone through has led me here to this point and I can give a big thanks to the purposeless job that gave me my purpose and the next step I am finally taking.

Bay Area here I come and I hope you’re ready for it because I plan to take you by storm!

The Journey of Mine continues my loves and I thank you for reading. Leave a comment below with your thoughts!

Till next time,

xo Shall

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