How to not let all your responsibilities stress you out

Have you guys ever felt the heavy weight of all the things and people you want in your life? I’m sure on some level you have. Of course I have, I am feeling most of the weight right now. As you know on this Journey of Mine I like to speak through my own experiences and hopefully pass over some advice in the process. So in this post I will be giving out a few tips on how I try to time manage all the responsibilities in my life and how I try not to let it all stress me out. 

Since school began I have been SO unbelievably busy. Yea I know it’s kind of expected but hey, I didn’t know exactly how crazy it could be until I experienced for my self again. Here I am Monday through Sunday waking up at 6am or 6:50 after a couple of snooze button hits; waking up to do my morning routine of teeth brushing, face washing, toner, & moisturizer. Then heading over to my closet to see what the hell I can come up with to wear to school and then work (which requires an all black attire. lawd).

I head out of the house at around 7:30 and either hop on the bus or take a lyft (when I’m feeling spendy). School is on Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday thanks to the hectic summer semester and I work at least 4 of those days, as well as on Saturdays. I have a project due almost everyday so once I get home after work which is usually around 10pm I try to get started on a lot of that. Have you guys ever tried Tambour Beading? well it is the most tedious task I have tried yet but it’s getting a lil better.

Anyway, once I get home and do some HW I am completely and utterly exhausted. I try to have what Gen and I like to call our “chill time” which consist of snacks (healthy and unhealthy ha) and a good ‘ol TV show then off to bed to do it all over again.

In between my spare time away from school and work I like to focus on this blog. Jotting down post ideas, setting up appointments with photographers, responding to emails, and of recent phoning my bank way too much. I am tired. I miss home and my family back in LA. Sleep and chill is much needed but I also want to explore and adventure. Dating and finding “the one” is on my mind as well meeting new friends. I want go to blogger events, visit museums and work on language learning too but then the cycle continues and I find it hard to just have it all stop for a moment. Sometimes I don’t even know how I’m doing it all and without braking down… but that may be in my future.

However, there are a few things that I cling to that keep me sane during this crazy process.

  1. I write down lists of all my “To-do’s” & check off what I’ve completed
  2. Call up my folks and vent to them whether it be good, bad, or just to rant (that parental touch is everything)
  3. Light candles
  4. I like to play Lauren Hill, Sade, Calm Meditation, or 90’s R&B radio to relax me and set the mood
  5. Treating my self to a coffee, snack or dinner (it’s the little things)
  6. I’ll always have my favorite Spanish wine ready to go
  7. Take a step back when I need to. Whether it be me not ready to mentally or emotionally handle something and I’ll get back to it once I’ve taken a breath and gotten away for a minute
  8. Walk In Golden Gate Park. I find it SO therapeutic to be surrounded my nature
  9. Make healthy meals full of veggies, avocado, lemon, and I pair it with rice or pasta and ALWAYS red pepper flakes!
  10. Work out in a Pilates or yoga studio (just tried spin for the first time too)
  11. I’ll book my self a massage to REALLY relax and get away from it all for just a bit
  12. Have a cup of green or chamomile tea
  13. Lastly, I like to laugh or smile. Anything that can amuse me I welcome in and just stopping to notice all of the blessing around me. This brings a smile to my face and makes everything not seem SO bad.

OUTFIT DETAILS: Clothink Floral Dress // Guess Ankle Boots// Goodwill Thrifted Snakeskin belt

All in all these routines will help to get me through all the obstacles and frustrations I will go through presently and in the future. I know you cant get anything worth having if there aren’t any rough patches so I guess Ill keep smiling through it all. I hope some of this little story of mine and tips following will help some of you to handle all the greatness life throws at you too.

In other news, I just got this amazing floral, chiffon-like, ankle length dress from Clothink and man oh man. It is one of my favorite dresses right now. I feel so great in this dress and it fits perfectly, it really allows me to feel quite free and feminine and I love those feelings ha.

Check out my review here.

I wish you all a fun filled week ahead, make shit happen!

Till next time,

xo Shall


This post is in collaboration with Clothink. All thoughts and opinions are of my own.


Photos By: Dawn Elizabeth

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