My journey to Skin Nutritions

Hi all! I hope you’re doing well. In this post today I am getting just a bit personal with my battle of achieving healthy looking skin.  I have been fighting my way through the obstacles of attaining healthy, non-acne prone skin for years now, since 6th grade (I got my first pimple and yes I remember it!). Acne prone skin runs in my family so I wasn’t completely shocked when I started to break out as soon as puberty hit (damn you). I would LOVE to say, at those break-out moments; in my early teens, I took care of my skin with the greatest of ease but I’d be lying.

Pretty much, I did everything you’re not supposed to do when you have sensitive, oily, acne-prone skin. I picked, I popped, I scratched, and I kept on with my “I love food diet” (meaning everything… even greasy foods). I could blame it on my sometimes rebellious personality, whom wouldn’t be held down by bad skin but really I was just naïve and a bit ignorant as to what was all happening.  As I grew older, that young “rebellious” girl grew tired and really; just wanted a cure for this skin issue that prolonged over time. I went to see a dermatologist, tried Proactive, and even a few natural homemade remedies but nothing seemed to be working well enough OR fast enough.

Fast forward to years later; in my 20’s, I have FINALLY found the solution to my decade long problem. With the help of a healthier diet (more fruits & veggies, less grease), less make-up (but this is just my personal solution), coconut oil (for an added moisturizer), & Skin Nutrition’s I have reached the soft supple, acne-free skin I have always searched for. I use the Skin Nutrition’s 1-2-3 step system. The three step system comes with a face wash, a toner, and a creamy moisturizer. These products, along with my added routines have done WONDERS for my skin and I’ve only been using it for about a year and a half now. I am in love with the results and as an added bonus I am IN LOVE with the prices. At only $3.99 each, you can snag this god send of a skin cleansing system as well!

OUTFIT DETAILS: Target Gilligan & O’ Malley Pajama Set

I hope some of you guys can relate to this struggle I went through and will continue to learn and grow from. Take my advise and better yourself in any situation life throws at you, especially on a personal level. I ignored my skin situation when I was younger and I didn’t prepare for how bad my skin could get without taking care of myself properly. Later, sadness and insecurity took over me, which delved into more insecure emotions. NOW I feel grreat. I feel happy about where my skin is headed as well as where my life is headed. Definitely more confident than insecure and a bit of that is because I am happy with my healthy skin.

Any thoughts about this post loves? Let me know in the comment section below!

p.s Look out for my next post coming this Friyay!

Till next time,

xo Shall

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