Live Fast & Embrace that Independence!

Live fast and embrace that Independence.  In my opinion independence is every modern day woman’s greatest asset. This nifty lil character quality is the one thing that truly pushes you to go after what you want and really speak into your beliefs. Of course you need a little confidence to go along with that but I like to think these two characteristics go hand in hand.

I remember from the age of 6 years old my best friend Gen and I would ALWAYS find ourselves admiring all of the strong, independent, beautiful women we came across (Madre, Aunts, Grandmas, & this.) Whether it was the women we saw in person or through the TV and movies; all we knew was that one-day that would be us. We wouldn’t wait to be told what to do, blend in, or slow down for others so we wouldn’t be alone. We planned on growing up to be successful women with the world in their hands and a strong sense of self to help make it all happen.

Now as a 20 something I can still say I strive everyday to become just like those women I admired. I’m pushing myself to do what I thought I never could. Slowly but surely I am creating my own life “brand” and making my own HERstory. I’m going to make that little six year old proud and What a great day in age to REALLY see what you’re made of, huh?

Live Fast tee, amazon, jean, leather

OUTFIT DETAILS: LIVE FAST Choker Tee// Dark Wash Skinny Jean (similar)// Buffalo Exchange Earrings// Poison Pointed Mules// Taupe Day Bag (similar)// Grandma’s Vintage Leather Jacket

Well, I for one think this new tee sums up exactly how I want to live in my independence and that’s fast!  I want to keep trying to live Every. Single. One. of these days to the fullest. Utilizing each one for every opportunity and memorable experience I can get my hands on. Check out my review on this top here.

Here’s another “Life-Gab” post for ya babes. As always I hope some of you can relate or maybe even take some of these words into your own life journey.

Ready for Halloween? I’m in limbo on the celebration this year… lord knows why. Maybe it’ll all hit me on the day. If so, then I guess I’ll have to pull out my patent pleather pants and call myself Trinity.

Keep watch for my next post babes!


Till next time,

xo Shall

This post is in collaboration with Amazon/ Clothink. As always, all thoughts, opinions, & styling are my own.


Photos By: Dawn Elizabeth

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