How to Dress for the Blogger you are

Now what can I say… Well, lately I have been struggling with the idea of being the blogger I would love to be. Every now and again I find myself comparing to all of the other amazing women in the blogger game trying to make it up the proverbial ladder. I wonder to myself, “how are they doing this? “how do they stay consistent?”, “how can these women be constantly on their devices with every moment?” These questions always pop up in my head and they don’t just stop there. I start feeling discouraged and dare I say it “not good enough”. As if I’m back in High School, trying to keep up with all the cool kids; looking at what THEY’RE doing. Lawd!

I laugh at myself after coming to this conclusion, realizing that all of these feelings of doubt within me are stemming from a younger version of myself. I guess that insecure one isn’t completely gone yet blah. But NOW I’m an adult, older and wiser (it’s true, I swear) and I don’t want to keep on watching to see what others are going to do. I don’t want to compare my shortcomings to someone or someone’S else’s life. We all know everyone is still just figuring it all out, day by day.

SO I had a good talking with myself and I decided to get the fuck up and stop whining. Not saying I won’t feel down about myself and what I am capable of again… because I will (I’m human!) but I want to try not letting it affect me as much. It is an uphill battle and it’s so true when they say the only person to bring you down and keep you there is well, YOURSELF.


I gathered a few new “way of live” lessons on this Journey of Mine. Started viewing everything in a different perspective, gaining back that fire I once had for the things I wanted. All within just a few traded in lifestyle habits.

I read a really great, mind-altering book called the Four-Agreements. Highly Recommend!

listened to a few amazing and inspiring songs by artist like Erykah Badu, Jill Scott, Sade, and Lauryn Hill on Pandora (try “I gotta find peace of mind) & yes I went old skool.

looked at my city, sweet ‘ol SF and I opened my eyes to all of the excitement around me. The food, the museums, the nature, the people and the adventure are all around me. I came here for a reason goddamit!

And that’s when I really started to appreciate all the wonder around, including myself.


amazon multi wrap dress, red/ orange mules, jean jacketamazon multi wrap dress

OUTFIT DETAILS: Multi Wrap Dress// Buffalo Exchange Jean Jacket// Tjmaxx Block-Heel Sandal (similar)

//Vintage Dooney-Bourke

 Well I couldn’t have picked a better dress to accentuate my mood in. It had been sitting in my closet waiting the day I’d actually wear it and then it came! After just stumbling past life’s most recent obstacle this dress came to mind at a great time. Its made of a silk-like, spandex fabric and kinda just melts off of you (in a good way of course). It fit me like a glove and it made my boobs along with all the other good areas look really good. Why did I overlook it for so long? lawd knows. You’ll find my review on this mint green gem right here.

All in all this during this process of emotions I came to the conclusion that I have an idea of the kind of blogger I am and the one I want to be. I want to share things, like a lot of the things that I enjoy, I experience, I ware, and I’m learning. I still have to find the balance but I’m working on it and I’m finding my own niche at this thing, you’ll see.

Anyway, I want those of you reading this to please bear with me on this journey. Offer a few ideas if you have any to share, I would really love to hear them. & If you find anything catching your eye in this post comment below!

Till next time my loves,

xo Shall


This post is in collaboration with Amazon’s Clothink. All thoughts and opinions are of my own.



Photos By: The lovely Rachel Radcliffe  (thanks so much!)


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