Hearst Castle Wondering Part One

Happy hump day my lovelies! I hope you all have been getting through this week swimmingly so far. As for me, this is my first day back to work since last Friday; I guess I can thank this cold I have for that! But then I think, hey! At least I got to sleep in for two more days. Anyway, in this post I am finally going to talk about my experience during my visit at Hearst Castle up north in San Simeon, Ca. a few weekends ago with the fam (check my Instagram for more photo deets!).

It all started at the end of the work day on Friday evening. I got home to meet my family and to finish packing (of course), we all rushed around; making sure we packed everything properly… it was a mad house HA!. Since the weather up in Northern California is a bit colder than it is down here in SoCal, I thought it best to bring a bit of a mixture of outfits. During the next couple of days I wanted to be warm but still pay homage to the Spring season.

I brought a pair of high-waisted jeans, a long sleeve button-up shirt, OTK boots; as well as a pair of lace-up flats, and a vintage wind breaker with added shoulder detail. I also brought with me this white sleeveless, long dress that is OH so comfortable & feminine & flowy & perfect for the warmer months (I’ll be showing you guys this dress soon!) Lastly, I pulled out my favorite vintage white wicker bag.

My family and I headed out to meet the Friday night traffic at around 6’ish and as luck would have it, we reached Pea Soup Andersen’s in Santa Barbara by 9 for a much needed dinner. This place makes the best split pea soup in town AND it’s nestled in a lil Dutch inspired town. The characteristics are too cute to not be captured. We arrived at my Uncle’s home in Los Osos to stay for the weekend. After we greeted my Uncle and his Girlfriend I took a glance at all of the greenery and noticed the fresh, brisk air that surrounded us & man; it took my breath away. I realized this getaway was JUST what I needed.

The next morning the fam and woke up to the sweet smell of freshly brewed coffee. The coffee was beyond needed because the cold night was ALOT colder than any of us anticipated. Anyway, we all got up and got dressed & ready for the day. We sat down to eat some scrambled eggs & toast with avocado (I swooned over the avo!). My Uncle opened our minds to all of the healthier foods we could be eating on the daily, which I certainly took notes of & after breakfast we headed out to visit Hearst Castle.

Hearst Castle Front EntranceOUTFIT DETAILS:  Buffalo Exchange Wind Breaker Jacket & Wicker Bag // Jordache Vintage Jeans //  Salvation Army Striped Shirt // Tjmaxx Lace-up Flats // Retro-Super-Future Sunglasses // Revlon Plum Velour Lipstick 

Hearst Castle was such a wonderful monument to have seen and visited. The story behind it makes it all the more fascinating and memorable as well. I will get more into that on the “Part Two” post following this one.

When you guys get the chance I would love it if you checked out my post’s over on the Spotted Places app to see all the location details && follow me at “shallon.henry” so we can share our fun adventure location spots with each other. Just download the app through your store and get started!

Thanks for reading babes, I’ll talk to you on Friday 🙂

Till next time,

xo Shall

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