Hearst Castle Wondering Part Two

Welcome back to the part two installment of my Hearst Castle experience loves. A few weeks ago I wrote a part one post about my little family getaway a few weekends ago now, in early April. The fam and I headed up North to check out all of the lovely greenery and well, of course Hearst Castle. Now none of us had ever been before so we didn’t know what to expect. We certainly didn’t know there was an epic story behind the history of this castle BUT there was.

Hearst Castle is named after William Hearst, the man behind the grand idea of building a castle up on a hill in the middle of Northern California. I’ll just let you guys in on a few interesting facts about Mr. Hearst and his creation… I’ll let you find out the rest when you visit!

Anyway, William Hearst grew up around the 1800’s in California (during the gold rush) with his mom and dad. He was a part of a family of explorers and dreamers, so it shouldn’t come as a shock that he would follow by his parent’s footsteps. At a young age William Hearst set sail onward to visit Europe with his mother (such a magnificent woman btw). The architecture, art, theatre, culture, & the people of Europe took their breath away. Hearst and his mother went around almost every country in Europe, from England, France, & Italy; to Spain & Germany.

Once his mother and he returned to California living, they could not get the astonishing memories of all the beauty of Europe out of their minds. Years later, Hearst grew to be a man and went after a variety of careers and made a fortune but there was still something he felt he had to do in his life. At around 40 something William decided to build a castle that would re-create everything he saw from all of those European countries so many years before. He wanted to give Californians a chance to experience what he had experienced during his trip without having to boat or fly across the ocean.

After the fam and I heard the wonderful story behind such a landmark, our breath was taken away. I was inspired. To know that this man literally made his dreams come true is a lesson for all of us to take into our own lives. He marched to his own drum and kept on marching, even when people thought he was crazy for dreaming what he had dreamt and then to actually try to build it into a reality. I guess the jokes on them, huh?!

hearst Castle ceiling, chandeliers

This was such a great experience I had with the ones I love and I thank the Hearst Castle staff for having us. I will most definitely take what I learned and saw and invest it into my own journey.

Check out some of the location deets on the spotted places app, have you downloaded it yet?? Well if not I suggest you do it! I will be joining their Podcast crew soon, talking about my travels, fashion style, & how it all ties in together (woo!) so follow along my loves. The Journey of Mine continues 🙂

Thanks for reading babes, I hope you have a fantastic weekend!

Till next time,

xo Shall

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