From strapless to sweater Dresses in Fall

It’s Fall guys, one of my favorite seasons of the year. Just after Summer and all its glory, it’s time to trade in a couple of those overly skin bearing pieces for a more covered, comfortable, and warm look. Like sweater dresses for instance! Don’t you just love them? I mean I have a bit of a weakness for these kinds of dresses, what with the warmth, comfort, and style this feminine piece provides. One of the best looks to wear while creating your fall statement in my opinion. Time to trade in those strapless dresses for a sweater one like this!

Surprisingly, I haven’t purchased a sweater dress for fall in quite a while so when I stumbled upon this forest green beauty on amazon  it became a MUST to add to cart. When it arrived at my place it really was everything I thought it would be. Knitted in a fun pattern, the right length, and the color, oh the color; this is the perfect addition to my sweater dress family. I thought pairing it with a pair of black OTK boots and a multi-color block bag would be fitting.

OUTFIT DETAILS: Green Sweater Dress// Black OTK Boots// Buffalo Exchange multi-color color-block bag// Vintage 10yr. old Cardigan// Prabal Gurung By Linda Farrow Gallery 

Well first day of the week down and about four more to go. Lets just hope we come up on top towards the end. Happy Tuesday guys, I hope your day’s getting started on the right foot so far. Over on my end things are going well. Woke up kind of early to get in a little me time before work at 10 blah. You know just doing the norm, making breakfast, coffee, & watching a fun show.

Last night Gen (the roommate/bff) and I decided we needed a change. So we pulled our sleeves back and decided to rearrange our living space and create some newness in our lives. Feeling kind of stuck in the same ol’ routines lately this was a welcomed idea. We set the room in the right fengshui and burned sage for a little extra push. I feel like today’s gonna be a good one!

Hope everyone had a fun weekend. Ready for all the Halloween shenanigans? I’m still deciding what I’m going to be (Cat or vamp? lawd) Comment below with your thoughts loves!


Till next time,

xo Shall

This post is in collaboration with Clothink. All thoughts, opinions, and styling are my own.

Photos by: Dawn Elizabeth

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