Farewell LA: Part One

Well the time has finally arrived. I am leaving the city of LA today for a cute little city by the bay. San Francisco will be a memorable chapter in my life I can just feel it! But as I am looking up toward my future I am finding myself remembering my past.

LA has been my life, living, location for about 25 years now (majority of the time). I was born in LA I grew up there. So many great and a few not so great things have happened to me there. My family and my closest friends are there (you know the ones you can’t live without).

I’ve seen the city of angels through the perspective of a little girl, a teen, and now a woman. I can say I have explored and have been changed by the people and places I’ve come across there. For example, during my first internship within the fashion world, back in 2012 I realized something awesome.

After having tried so many different avenues with who I wanted to be and what I wanted to do, I finally gave in to that little voice inside my head. A voice trying to tell me the obvious qualities I had and a whisper of the path I wanted to go down. But of course I ignored, ignored. Up until I realized what that voice was trying to say, which pretty much was “go after it, the thing’s you’re afraid of”.

Right from there I opened up Craigslist, looked up a few jobs and internships in the Fashion District downtown. I came across a really cool sounding internship at Chic Little Devil andd got hired. I started about a week later and felt beyond nervous, intimidated, scared, and excited. With no clue of what to expect, I tried to keep an open mind.

I learned about designers I hadn’t even heard about before, I styled people of many entertainment divisions, I learned more about fabrics, detailing, and silhouettes as well. The people I met and worked with also played a part in opening up my eyes to the possibility of working in such an exciting industry. They all inspired me and helped push me to believe in myself more. They saw something in me that I hadn’t seen before and that’s when I really got shit in gear!

Soon after the internship that single handily changed my life, I enrolled into an art school with a focus in Fashion. I had never heard or been to this school before. Neither had I’d been to the city it was located in more than once. Yes, the school was and is in the city of San Francisco and that’s when my journey really began.

I look back at all that LA has brought into my life and all I want to say is, Thank you and Farewell.

patchwork long skirt, metallic mules, denim vestLA, patchwork skirt, denim vest

OUTFIT DETAILS: Salvation Army Skirt // Shein Crochet Halter Top // Macys Denim Vest // Carlos Santana Metallic Mules // Icing Metallic Clutch/ Cross-body Bag //Retro Super Future White Framed Sunglasses

LA, it has been a great run and I know I have another great adventure just waiting for me. I JUST arrived in the city about an hour ago. I am getting situated nicely. Later my friend and me are planning to get some dinner at this Media Noche place. After hearing so much about this Cuban gem, I think I might just have to stop by… hmmm.

Anyway, keep watch on this Journey of Mine loves. I am taking SF so I’m sure it will get very interesting, especially with my partner in crime genesis.

You can also check out my first podcast interview with the head of the spotted places app, Bryant Hawthorne here. I am talking all about my journey and how fashion meets travel. Leave a comment below or under the video with your thoughts, I would love to hear them!

Well, I got an itch to explore the city so I’ll talk to you guys on Friday. Stay tuned for my “Farewell LA: Part Two” installment coming soon. Have a great hump day babes

photos by: Devin Donaldson

Till next time,

xo Shall

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