A floral dress story

“This is a story about a girl named”…  And 10 points goes to anyone else who can finish that line (lucky), ha. Well, this is a little story; but a floral dress one. A couple of weekends ago, I gathered a few of my best girlfriends and my mother around to spend the Saturday together. We all […]

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My journey to Skin Nutritions

Hi all! I hope you’re doing well. In this post today I am getting just a bit personal with my battle of achieving healthy looking skin.  I have been fighting my way through the obstacles of attaining healthy, non-acne prone skin for years now, since 6th grade (I got my first pimple and yes I […]

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Style adventures through Exposition Park

I can’t believe it’s already Wednesday guys. BUT I can say I am happy we’re that much closer to the weekend. As I am looking forward to what’s to come this weekend, I begin to reflect on what went on last weekend. I had a lovely style adventure through Exposition Park with my fam. Last weekend was […]

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Santa Monica City Streets

As I am writing this post I am currently feeling under the weather. Cozied up at home and sitting by the fire (ahh). However, I find myself reminiscing about last weekend’s shenanigans. My best friend and I took part in a long awaited girls day together and we decided to hit the city streets of Santa […]

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Christmas Time at The Grove LA

Just last weekend my family and I spent a lovely Saturday night at The Grove LA, dabbling in a little holiday spirit. I LOVE going to the grove during this time of the year. My family and I usually try to have as much “Holiday Spirited” family bonding time as we can; especially at this time of […]

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Runyon Canyon: I Am Committed

Today’s post will be discussing my newfound committed mindset and it’s going to get a little “Real”, so hold on tight! (lol) Just last weekend I was given the opportunity to FINALLY head up to Runyon Canyon and take part in the grueling yet, breath taking hike that we ALL hear so much about. My best friend and I […]

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Velvet Little Black Dress

This Velvet Little Black Dress (LBD) is a definite reflection of my mood and I will tell you why. So this week has been an interesting eye opener for me. It started out with an awesome vibe, just waking up at my best friend Gen’s house after a relaxing and girly Sunday Fun-day (much needed, am I […]

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Life updates, a Vest, and a pair of Loafers

So, this post will play as a kind of update on what my life has been like these past few months and boy has it been changing. Well to start off August was one hot, sticky, hectic, and exciting month for me (a little late I know), to start; I purchased my first car ever all by my little […]

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