Hearst Castle Wondering Part Two

Welcome back to the part two installment of my Hearst Castle experience loves. A few weeks ago I wrote a part one post about my little family getaway a few weekends ago now, in early April. The fam and I headed up North to check out all of the lovely greenery and well, of course Hearst Castle. Now […]

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A white dress on Easter Sunday. How original!

Easter Sunday snuck up on all of us. We’re in the middle of freaking April already and I cannot believe it, this year is flying. But like I’ve written in my bio, “I am vibrantly walking through” this year with a smile and a plan in hand. Seeing as we’ve reached Easter now I guess […]

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Last weekend at Reagans… What would you wear?

It’s Friday & just like THAT my 3-day work week is over (take a bow). If you read my last post you will understand the last line there. Any who, I hope you all are ready for another fun filled, memorable, “lesson learned” kind of weekend. I find myself looking forward to this weekend, what with […]

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Hearst Castle Wondering Part One

Happy hump day my lovelies! I hope you all have been getting through this week swimmingly so far. As for me, this is my first day back to work since last Friday; I guess I can thank this cold I have for that! But then I think, hey! At least I got to sleep in […]

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Style Expression

Happy Friday my loves! I apologize for my absent post on Wednesday :/ A few “real life” situations had gone on that took over my attention (blah, I know) BUT we have today’s post to look forward to! Anyway a few projects and collaborations have been discussed that I can’t wait to tell you guys about. […]

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Trend Gush: Slip-On Flats

My trend gush has hit me again! I have been dyiiing over these ever so popular slip-on flats I’ve been seeing around. These easy going shoes are all made differently, with a variety of fabrics (leather, suede, velvet, and jean) & all with their own fine character about them. Some of these slip-on flats come with […]

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A floral dress story

“This is a story about a girl named”…  And 10 points goes to anyone else who can finish that line (lucky), ha. Well, this is a little story; but a floral dress one. A couple of weekends ago, I gathered a few of my best girlfriends and my mother around to spend the Saturday together. We all […]

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“Gingham” Ranger anyone?

It’s finally Friday loves, the day we’ve all been waiting for since last Sunday night. Well I hope you all had a productive and exciting week so far! Mine was, well interesting as it is always; I went to work (of course… blah), hung out with the fam and a few friends. Last night in particular […]

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